Williams: 0 – 0 (Love & Love)

OK, so be prepared for a disorganised, unfocused barrage of gushing emotions  devoted to the first 2 loves of my life, VENUS & SERENA WILLIAMS.

To put it simply, if I were to marry a  woman, these 2 would be at the top of the list (not that I am even close to being worthy).

These 2 sisters right here taught me to love. To love so many different things just by them loving themselves and their sport. They taught me to love tennis , they taught me to love being black (amongst other things I’ve learnt), and they taught me to love black woman (amongst other black woman in my life). But as a 6 year old boy sitting on the floor of his living room watching this majestic creature, tall, quick, elegant, and powerful defeat Lindsey Davenport in the 2000 Wimbledon Final, with my mother (another black woman I love) singing a chorus of “Come on Venus!!” in the background, I fell in love and I have been ever since. And boy, when I found out she had a younger sister, shorter, feistier, but with hair equally as braided and equally as magical, my heart was full!

Since that day, since that match my love affair with the sisters they call Williams has flourished, living and dying with every point they contest, every match they compete, every tournament they grace with their presence. For the Williams I STAN!

I felt the lows; the loses, the injuries, the deaths, the life threatening and career altering illnesses as if they were my own.

I basked in the highs; the tour titles, the Grand Slam titles, the Olympic titles, the no.1 rankings as if they were my own.

I spectated as they altered the landscape of the game not just by redefining the way it was played and the shots that could be hit but by championing for equal pay and court time. Reaching beyond, and building schools, and community centres, and fashion empires.

I, a black boy in a white world believe I can achieve, because of Miss Venus Ebony Starr Williams! I, a Queer person in a heteronormative world believe I can achieve because of Miss Serena Jameeka Williams. I believe I can change the world, break boundaries and define the new norm because of the the Williams Sisters.

So on the brink of the 2017 Australian Open Women’s Singles Final, their ninth Grand Slam finals meeting I just want to let the world know that I love my queens, The Williams Sisters!


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