A Picture a Day Keeps the Trifling Memory at Bay

So, when perusing the WordPress webs I came across a blog solely dedicated to posting a picture everyday without fail (apparently a really popular idea, who’d of thunk it.)

Now, the running theme for me and this here very blog is inconsistency, so I thought it might be a really cool initiative for me to unashamedly co-opt.

Now I can’t lie, if I happen to forget (couldn’t be bothered), y’all just gonna have to get over it. Also, side-note I am no photographer, not even in the slightest. Don’t have a fancy camera, just my mere Samsung galaxy (#Android4Life, don’t @ me). But the way I see it, I’m extremely privileged to be able to live abroad for this year (currently in Copenhagen, Denmark) and I should really take this opportunity to capture the beauty and otherwise that I came across in my day-to-day. This paired with my shocking memory mean’s that I actually have a chance of remembering something from my escapades in the years to come.

I hope you enjoy seeing my perspective of the world. Click the link below and take a gander.

Picture of The Day


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