Is Petty a Bad Thing?

I speak 3 languages fluently, English, Sarcasm, and Petty. No seriously, I excel at them, particularly in the latter two.

The initial idea for this post came from a convo I was having with a good friend of mine last summer were I was gleefully eulogising about my language of love, Petty. I had expected full support for what I was preaching but they offered me some countering thoughts, I was agasp. They don’t really see it for petty, they think it’s negative and not beneficial for their life. I held firm and defended petty with every inch of my life (this retelling may perhaps be a bit dramatic, just. I digress).

I did and do actually see much merit in what my friend was saying, you dare go on social media for anything longer than a second (especially twitter & IG) and you will encounter an abundance of petty left, right, and centre. Whilst it can be very funny to observe, it is without doubt that most of it is vicious dragging entrenched primarily in negativity.

But the way I have always seen it was that I have a very clear distinction between being a dickhead (mean for sport) and being petty. As I like to joke a lot, sometimes thinking of myself of a comedian I just see the possible funny in most things (it can get a bit morbid sometimes) and for me petty is an extension of that. It’s managing to relate most situations back to something stupid my cousin once said and following it with a big sip of tea and a “but that’s none of my business”. It’s deleting a friend from the group chat after they were getting a little to brave and forgot everyone was admin (I added them back of course). Hell it could be something that only I know I’ve said or done, but what it never is, is something truly mean or hurtful or negatively impactful to anyone’s real life. It is upon this leg of which I have stood, but within a few hours of beginning this post I may have managed to completely change a long-standing view.

The thing that got me was that to be petty takes some semblance of emotion, of energy, of time and thought. Sometimes that thing, certain people just don’t deserve that much of me and what really got me as I reflected was that most of the time I don’t even realise how much of me I am investing in it. In the moment it’s all shits and giggles, I get to pat myself on the back for being clever and amusing but after that momentary satisfaction of being bent double (or chuckling in my head) what do I really have to show for it. Well, in some respect, in the case of making my nearest and dearest’s mood a bit lighter, I can see the benefit, I can see that what I have achieved is happiness (however momentary) for the people I care about the most which is what I live for more than anything. But where I definitely see it as a vacuous waste of my time, brilliance, and energy is when I’m at work for example (or anything else I don’t care much for). If the thing or the people are not that great of importance to the core of my life, I don’t think I need to engage, they don’t deserve my wit. Discerning the difference in value I place on situations and people in my life and letting that lead my petty is what I think could be key to my progression. If it is not worth my time in positivity, then it is not worth my time in negativity, and conclusively not worth my time in petty.

Where this post started and where it has ended up are very different places, what was originally gonna be a post in the defence of petty and my frequent use of it has rather been flipped on its head. Now, am I gonna attempt to go cold turkey on the petty? Hell no (fuck I look like). Actually, am I even going to try to eradicate petty from my life all together? Nope. But after a bout of petty you will definitely see me looking back and asking “was that really worth it”, ” was that worth my petty”. A finite resource must be used sparingly (ok, I’ve slipped back into the dramatics, time to wrap this up).

So this is another one I’m sending out into the universe, nay or yay on the petty? Let me know.



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