Podcasts Saved My Life

The way I had set up my life over the last few years, was rather specific. The places I hung out (in terms of clubs & bars) the concerts I went to (a lot, mainly by myself because people have no taste), but probably most importantly, the company I surrounded myself with. I had curated a small but solid group of people that I would spend time with, speak on the phone with, that I could have different adventures or just chill with. Moving countries last year, definitely put a spanner (and the rest of the tool box) in the works.

My blackness is hugely important to me, and I vehemently protect it. Part of doing so has been limiting the amount of whiteness that I allow into my life, primarily focusing on people, people who contribute to the system of supremacy that seek to oppress me. As well as the media I observe, and I would also say history I internalise. Living in London, a super multi-cultural and diverse place, (where I could leave the house and guarantee on seeing a least 1 person of colour) this was fairly easy, Copenhagen not quite so much.

So after a month or so of struggling, of having no one or nowhere I could identify with I found my safe space (of sorts).


I loooove Podcasts (Mama Oprah voice), I listen to them all day, everyday.  When I was going through the deepest parts of my depression last year I could sometimes go days without speaking to people but oh boy I had my podcasts to speak to. They became a staple of my self care, they allowed me to escape and transport myself somewhere else. Most notably, The Read with Crissle & KidFury, this shit brought so much laughter, joy, knowledge, and realness into my days, it really pulled me through. To be able to press a button and hear the stories you’re used to hearing as if your friends were telling them, to hear the anecdotes of childhood that you can relate to was the definition of catharsis. Their sister podcast The Friend Zone which tackles mental health and wellness has been crucial to my road back to happy (I wasn’t as receptive when I was in the lowest moments).

Other than just uplifting my mood I also use podcasts as an incredible tool to learn. As a man who a feminist there will always be more for me to learn, and listening to woman is for me the best way to do that. Shows like Another Round, 2 Dope Queens, and Call Your Girlfriend are a staple in my artillery.

Also really cool shows like Reply All, Invisibillia, and This American Life which are more investigative and really tell great stories that you most likely would not have come across.

List of Podcast I’m currently subscribed to:

  • The Read
  • The Friend Zone
  • Another Round
  • 2 Dope Queens
  • Call Your Girlfriend
  • Last Name Basis
  • Sooo Many White Guys
  • Code Switch
  • Reply All
  • See Something Say Something
  • For Colored Nerds
  • Invisibillia
  • Nerdette
  • On Being
  • This American Life

Yes, I love podcasts. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.


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