Why is Your Good Time Dependant on Me?

Why the fuck does your good time depend on me.

So we’re at a party and there’s some trash music playing which you’ve decided is good so you’re going to dance to it. However I have good taste and I know it’s awful and my body refuses to move to said rhythm. So you’re going to dance and you’re going to enjoy yourself and I’m going to sit down continue drinking my tequila laden beverage, occupy myself with some snacks, and enjoy observing you having a good time (genuinely). So, tell me why in the hell Two 2s (yeah) I have you trying to drag me out of my chair to come and join you in your rhythmless, baseless, jarring, visually painful, caucasian gyration.

Now before anyone suggests that it ‘could just be a one time thing, just that one person, it’s not. Ever since  I started going out, to clubs/bars/parties it has always seemed that my attention has incessantly being commandeered.

*We Interrupt this rant for a quick period of narcissism: I think I dress pretty fly and I can dance like you wish you could.*  So it is not beyond me that a person who you think is quite cool or got good vibes that you see in the club you pay slightly more attention to. I sure as hell know that I do that every time I see a fly sista in the club just being life. But there just seems to be no end of intrusion into how I want to enjoy my time when it comes to certain people in these environments (psst. caucasians).

Why does your good time depend on receiving affirmation by my joining you. I’m very particular about the music I listen to and thus of the music I dance to, so if the song isn’t poppin and I step back or take a seat and leave you to enjoy yourself, leave me nuh. If I was there getting my eats on, munching the hell out of the snacks whilst you are gyrating offbeat to a yet undiscovered rhythm, then leave me nuh. What I can tell you is this, that if you are attempting to tackle me off my seat when I was perfectly fine as I was, to come get me to dance with you, you are doing too much.

This in particular has always baffled me and this goes beyond race. If there is someone at the party who doesn’t want to dance, trust me, dragging them onto the dance floor will achieve nothing but fulfil your needs and your desires because they’re making their’s very clear. So stop fronting and claiming that you just want them to have fun because I don’t buy it. Let’s say you managed to coerce them up because you’re being that irritating they’re better off not putting up a fight. They are now doing something they don’t want to be doing, and have 100 eyes on them as you just made a scene, so no doubt will be miserable. Literally no one wins.

I say all of this to really say, why do we feel that we know what’s best for others? When someone tells you how they feel listened to them, believe them, acknowledge them. Trust me, they know themselves best, stop trying to facilitate your good times under the guise of being beneficial for someone else. It of course goes beyond dancing and the club I’m talking about life. I’m talking about when your friend’s sad, possibly dealing with a mental ailment and you tell them “let’s go out because it’ll make them feel better,” erm bish where, you mean it’ll make you feel better. Cook them dinner, watch a film, or even ask them if they wanna talk.

Just let people be man.




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