Ask me About my Hair and I Will Probably Lie!

Ask me about my hair and I will probz lie.

I could go forth with a extensive and elaborate dissection of why your questions regarding my change in hair length and style are both malignant and micro-aggressive but tbh, ain’t nobody got time for that (maybe in a future post tho).

So, let me hit you with some quick and brief reasons why imma lie about my hair when you ask;

– Your question is boring,  “Can you wash your hair?”

– Your question is rude “Oh my gosh your hair look so weird, did you do it on purpose?”

–  I’m slightly trash and don’t have time for you or anybody else

–  I just CBA

And I’m a fair and level-headed person so this also includes complimentary questions as well, “You’re hair’s cool, how long does it take to grow?” I’ll just make up a number cause… whatever.

I write this having taken out my braids over the weekend and as I see people who have not yet met me without my braids installed I expect to have a bunch of questions regarding my hair. Whether or not I cut it, whether this is now my real hair etc. King of a yesteryear may have even attempted to forgo the distance and explain the situation at hand, how the hair that I had previously was not all mine, that it was extensions, blah blah blah. Whilst King of right here right now in this very 2017 is just going to say yes to to answer you question. I will bold face look you dead in the eye and most likely lie. Ask me how long my hair takes to grow? I’ll pick a number of the top of my head. Ask me if I had my haircut?(when my hair is in plaits) I’m going to tell you yes. Ask me if the Afro I’m spotting is my own? I may just say no for bantz.

Bottom line here is, ask me about my hair I will definitely answer. But quite possibly  issa lie. And I won’t even get started on asking if you can touch my hair, because hands will be thrown and caught.



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