Pick Up and Go Friendships

Shout out to the friends and the friendships that don’t need daily or even frequent nurturing.

There are some friends that I speak 4 of 5 days out of the week (i’m not an everyday kinda person). Little tidbits here and there, links to videos or articles, semi-regular facetime (for me that’s fortnightly at best) for a catch up and tea spillin. But I also have friends that I speak to perhaps once every couple of months.

this isn’t because we’re not super close, because we are. it isn’t because we don’t have much to talk about, because we do. it’s just the way our friendship is, and it works. I think part of the reason is because you’ve never really lived in the same City/town ( or country atm), but when we do see each other or when we do speak to each other we pick up where we left off and it’s like nothing has changed. this is something I really cherish, somthing that means a lot to me. To be able to have gone sometimes months without having spoken to someone (cause life beez like that) and to feel like the conversation hasn’t skipped a beat when we do, it’s crazy. We’re on such a level, we are so synced with each other that it just works.

We are ride or die, there isn’t much that either of us don’t know about each other (apart from maybe what’s happened in the past few months). The honesty is brutal, the love is overflowing, the friendship is 8 + years strong and counting. We’ve seen in life landmarks together, poignant moments together, concerts together, messy nights that are the consequences of alcohol (that we don’t talk about for the benefit of everyone involved) together, lard gahd.

I employ everyone, get you a pick up and go bestie, I wouldn’t trade mine in for the world.

P.S. PettyPrinceAfroB (it’s a pick up and go inside joke).


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