Falling In Love

I’ve fallen in love y’all.

It’s blissful, it’s beautiful, it’s all that I could have ever of hoped for, dreamed for. The happiness within me is spilling over, the day has finally come.

I’ve fallen in love with Copenhagen (If you thought it was talking about an actual human you obviously don’t know me very well).

So I moved here about 7 months ago and am now in my 2nd semester and it sure has been a bumpy ride to where I am now. The first couple of the months I was here, well the whole of the 1st semester really, was a shit show. I wasn’t in a good place (mentally) and by the end of it depression was taking over. I rarely went out, explored or socialised (I still don’t do much of the latter tbh, baby steps) but I just wasn’t in the head space to enjoy my surroundings and the experiences that were at my disposal. Depression really crowded my vision of Copenhagen, mainly just going to class and chilling at the yard.

Since I have return after rehab (extended Christmas at home) for my 2nd semester, I’ve been looking at my life, as a whole with new eyes. I have been really working on me, my mental, and my well-being, and during the process I found out Copenhagen be low-key lit (who know). I’ve truly seen the beauty in this place, the museums, the lakes, the parks, and just the neighbourhoods. Over the last couple of weeks the weather has been rather nice and this for sure has helped, because you know a lil bit of sunshine makes everything brighter. But how I know it’s real because even when it was raining, even when it was snowing (I’m talking a blizzard in all of my face) I was still happy, I was still enjoying being here.

These past couple of weeks especially have driven home how much love I have for this place. From being the tour guide for a visiting friend, taking a train ride North of Copenhagen to the coast, taking a bike ride south of Copenhagen to the coast (recently discovered an affinity for the sea), or going to concerts, my love has grown more and more. Copenhagen has managed to transition from a place where if I had to live for a year I could deal, to a place I could legitimately see myself residing for an extended period of time (although, this is only black in the village aesthetic still aint cute and would remain a problem).

I finally got to the place where I can without a doubt say I’m going to miss Copenhagen when I leave (although the political foolish in the UK may just have a brotha staying put and claiming that whypepl expatriate life). Regardless, I can already see the positives that I will take from it and apply to my life. I know that I will head back to the UK, to London with a new zeal for life, grabbing it by the collar and making sure I live more of every moment. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll be living my life completely differently but I will definitely take more time to enjoy my surroundings. One of the greatest things about living in Copenhagen has been my mode of transport (we bike here if you didn’t know). I’m not talking about that possibly risk being run over by a bus/ truck/ lorry/car/ motorcycle/sewer rat biking that happens in London. I’m talking actual cycling lanes that have a clear division from the part of the road that the car drives on. With this I have seen so much beauty that I would have missed out on being on public transport (the tube or the bus). I can take a 45 minute bike ride to the harbour and literally stand at the edge of Denmark and look out at the Baltic Sea (Øresund strait) that just goes on and on. Breathtaking. So I’ve made myself a promise that I will invest in a proper bike when I move back to the UK so that when I have free time (make time) I’ll choose a place on the map and ride. Take all the back roads and see parts of the country that I’ve never seen, discover the beauty that has probably been no more than an hour away from where I’ve lived my entire life.

So yeah I am very thankful for Copenhagen, I’m very thankful for being here because I feel like my road to recovery, to this place of mental tranquility would not have been possible in London. I think I needed to be here, I think a higher power wanted me to be here, to put myself on course to ‘Living My Best Life’ (Yaas Mama Oprah).

I’m ready!!



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