Not Everyday Recluse

As we know, I am more than happy staying at the yard. Just chilling, watching TV (currently taking a liking to RuPaul’s Drag Race), reading (current: Dreams From My Father), cooking/eating, and smoking does me just fine.

However, I can forget that I am 23 goddamn years old, and not over the hill as yet so let me take advantage of that (side note: I could happily be the old dude in the club if the music bangs in 20/30 yrs tho). So I’m self-pledging to make a more rightful claim to my youth and live out my rave goals.

Now me, I’m very particular about the clubs I go to, marking it on 2 primary characteristics, clientele and music. Personally I’m not a fan of going to clubs where I’ll be one of the 2 black people in the building, there’s only so many times you can tell me you like my clothes before I no longer care to pretend to be sincere in my ‘thank you’. There’s only so many times you can tell me that you think my hair is cool before I can no longer force a smile. Worse than that, there’s only so many times your dirty fingers can attempt a lunge at my crown before you catch a sharp tongue or depending on my mood these hands. But, as the old saying goes, ‘when in Copenhagen, bitch you ain’t got a choice, caucasian is our currency’ so the only deciding factor is music.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got an eclectic taste in music so it’s not as if I’m restricting myself to strictly trap music clubs nights (which don’t exist here anyway), but what I just can not abide by is crap music. If you’re playing the top 40 I’ll be avoiding, if you’re playing most eras of cookie-cutter pop music I shall not be in attendance, but most other things that I can jig my foot too will do just fine.

Luckily for me there are a few havens that have my back, currently Jolene of Kødbyen (Meatpacking District) is where it’s at and more importantly where I’m at. It fulfils all my House/Disco/Jungle/D&B/Techno needs.




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