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Unexpected Treasure – 27th March 2017
More of this please. Documentaries are the shit.

Lou 2
Accidental Art – 26th March 2017
Just a clothes rack for aprons, but this is how it looked at the end of the day. Tell me it don’t look purposeful.

Lou 6
A Look – 25th March 2017
One for the collection.

Lou 9
Run Nigga Run – 24th March 2017
More from William Ketteridge. As a queer black man, I feel I’m always running from someone tryna do me wrong.

Lou 1
Stand Up & Be Counted – 23rd March 2017
I read this as 5 black women, because Duh.

Lou 3
Don’t it Just Make You Wanna Cry – 22nd March 2017
Like I have said I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THE OCEAN. No explanation necessary.

Lou 12
You see it right – 21st March 2017
On the grounds of The Louisiana

Become the Art
Become The Art – 20th March 2017
The Louisiana Museum is glorious. Really cool exhibitions by William Ketteridge. So vast and extensive, more pics to come.

Sampha – 19th March 2017
Sampha is King. His voice!!!
Going to concerts here have been an amazing experience. This is the 3rd I’ve attended (Goldlink & Loyle Carner) and the crowds have been some of the best I’ve ever been in. All the artists remarked as much as well. I’ll have to come back here for some shows in the future.

the bridge harbour
The Harbour – 18th March 2017
I mean. Does it get better than that.

No Filter Necessary – 17th March 2017
Brøndby Havn. Took a bike ride 30 mins south of the København to the coast. Sun was out and the sea was perfect.

Representation Matters – 16th March 2017
Saw this little angel and it made my day. In the realm of gendered children’s toys (heavy side-eye) representation matters. Little black girls should be made to feel the can become whatever they want to be (doctor or otherwise). They should not be confined to the socially constituted ideals this world has for them. Dream lil black babies; Dream, Play, and BE!
(Side note) Where her curls at tho? I’m talkin the type 3/type 4 natural hair the babies actually have?!

Summer (Actually Spring) travels
Summer (Actually Spring) travels – 15th March 2017
Took a trip to Helsingor in the north of Denmark (by accident) and the sun was there to great me.

Wave 3
The Wave Pt.2 – 14th March 2017
I think I’ve found my lighting. More from The Wave.

Wave 2
The Wave Pt.1 – 13th March 2017
The Wave light installation @ Ofelia Plads, part of The Frost Festival. I also want this in that dream house I’ve been talking about.

Socially Constructed Masculinity – 12th March 2017
Finally succumbing to society’s ideals of what masculinity is and what men ‘should’ be doing. lol, or just helping a friend decorate their new apt. I commit myself to forever rejecting the gender norms. P.S. i’m deff deep conditioning my hair under that hat.

Amen – 11th March 2017
Old churches will forever take my breath away. Just won’t catch me praying in one.

Guards of Nublk
Guards of The:NuBlk – 10th March 2017
I live in the essence of the New Black

Peter Bonnen
The Colours of Djibouti – 9th March 2017
The colours and vibrancy of the homeland is life.

The Precision Tho – 8th March 2017
.Straight Edged.

20170302_175128 (1)
Landscape Shots – 7th March 2017
Living here has really taught me to look around at the beauty that just is. In the natural/constructed landscape. Imma see London In a different light when I return.

Pal Pal – 6th March 2017
Shout out to friends. Friends that see you in your worst of times. Friends that see you in your best of times. Friends that don’t have judgement even when you make them be your photographer so you can conduct a shoot in your apartment. 

Hair Go Bye Bye – 5th March 2017
Excited to get my hands back on my fro but gahd damn it takes a long arse time. Hair out, detangle, and deep condition clocked in at around 7 hours. I watched 3 films, ate a snack and had a mini break-down. Washing yet to come…

Creation – 4th March 2017
Goddess Isis, God Osiris, and their child God Horus. They are the Egyptian symbols of creation and they keep reoccurring in my life, which I usually take as a sign to get a tattoo.

The Missing Nose Ain’t No Accident – 3rd March 2017
I come from Royalty. I come from Kings and Queens. I know the truth and your lies won’t alter my course.

The Death of Medusa – 1st March 2017
What better way to start a new month than with death. Be your own Perseus and behead the monsters that of last month and usher in a new beginning. Location: Glyptoteket.

Not Grand at all – 28th February 2017
Demure most deff isn’t the word used to describe this room. Location: Glyptoteket.

If You Move You Lose – 27th February 2017
Went to the Glyptoteket. 1) The building is stunning, the design of every room is flawless. 2) The sculptures were dope, statues aren’t usually my thing but I quite enjoyed this.

Sunday Reading – 26th February 2017
A heavy night of drinking the night before, so a relaxing morning in bed reading is the antidote. Curently enjoying All My Sons by Authur Miller.

A Chefs Compulsion – 25th February 2017
Vegan and what! Nice likkle Chickpea & Mushroom Curry w/ Avocado. Great evening, cooking, drinking, smoking, TV and music.

It Snows in February – 24th February 2017
It’s snowing. Again. I’m not a fan.

CPH Lakes – 23rd February 2017
Was riding my bike in a hurry and looked to my left and saw this. So as any millennial would do, I pulled off to the side of the road and whipped out my phone and took a lil snap. Stunning.

The Doors Are Endless – 22nd February 2017
Life is like a never ending corridor of doors. If you’re lucky yours will be set up like this, with the door blown off. But who wants that, bit boring right.

The (meatless)Vikings of Chefs – 21st February 2017
I’m currently meatless/vegetarian/vegan (uncommitted, leave me nuh). So it means a lot more cooking which i’m loving. Aubergine, Courgette, and Mushroom Spaghetti Bolognese.

The Egyptian Priapus – 20th February 2017
The Horus child (Harpocrates). Son of great mother goddess and goddess of fate Isis and the god of death, Osiris. LOCATION: Thorvaldsen

Endless Horizon – 19th February 2017
It was cold as a bitch, but so peaceful. I’ll comeback here for another dose of tranquillity.

Aesthetics – 19th February 2017
I love clothes, all the fashions (men’s and women’s). So this exhibition was dope. The colours, fabrics, cuts, A1.

Shhhhh! – 17th February 2017
Spent the day in The Royal Danish Library (a.k.a The Black Cube). I didn’t expect a reading room like this inside because it is so modern from the outside and when you first walk in.

Hercules Hercules Hercules – 16th February 2017
Took myself to the Thorvaldsens Museum, turns out sculptures aren’t particularly my thing. But was good to get out and see more of the city.

Light Show – 15th February 2017
Also would oppose to this being a nice little installation in a future home, not very calming but works for me.

Future TV Room Goals – 14th February 2017
Coolest room ever. I could happily sit in here and watch a film or TV series, on my lonesome. Oh, yeah it’s Valentine’s day or whatever. 

I Play – 13th February 2017
Today is all about the racket sports, tennis season is starting and I’ve also got Badminton training. So I Play. and I will be tired.

Freetown Christiania – 12th February 2017
Stupidly risked hypothermia on a miss judged 30 min bike ride to acquire a herbal delicacy. But oh it was worth it

I Play Two Sports Now – 11th February 2017
This semester I’m looking to play two sports at Uni. Tennis (my one true love) & Badminton. Badminton season has already started and is kicking my butt so we’ll see wagwarn for tennis.

I’ll Take a Pair of Those – 10th February 2017
I love trainers (sneakers). If I was rich my collection would be enormous, and I would actually bother to take care of them.

Fake Deep Cation Unavailable – 9th February 2017
Taken at the Kunsthal Charllotenborg Museum, they had some cool exhibitions on show. Not advice if you have a fear of balloons.

That Damien Hirst tho – 8th February 2017
I took soo many pictures at the ARKEN Museum, cause I enjoyed the art so much. They had a small collection of Damien Hirst pieces that are permanent donation to the museum so go take a look if you’re in the area.

Royal Abyss – 7th February 2017
Top of Christiansborg Palace. I’m never really one for touristy things but a friend came to visit me for the weekend so it was obligatory I guess. It was cold as fuck but was a nice picture so I ain’t that mad.

It Girl – 6th February 2017
Sculpture of Juliana Huxtable by Frank Benson on display at the Arken Museum of Modern Art. Loved this piece and really liked to the museum and the works on display. I haven’t really enjoyed going to museums since I was young, always felt like I had to perform ‘enjoying the art” but this time it was different. I truly got something from it.

And All That Jazz!!💃🏿👐🏿 – 5th February 2017
The first musical I remember seeing all the way through, I was mesmerised. And have loved them ever since. I have most recently seen Dreamgirls @ The Savoy Theatre on the West End.

Midnight Calm – 4th February 2017
Something about this just brings me peace and tranquillity.

The Motto for This Year – 3rd February 2017
I’m really focusing on letting the light (not a religious reference) in to my life. Right now I’m on my hippy dippy, I’m on my HeyFranHey.

Coffee Shop Collages – 2nd February 2017
Today is for sitting in a coffee shop and get work done. LOCATION: RETRO Nørrebro

Faded Flowers – 1st February 2017
Taken at this little flower shop down the road from me. Personally, I don’t like flowers, and this is kinda the way I always see them. If i’m in hospital don’t bring me flowers, I’ll only have to watch them die.

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