What’s It About

What better introduction.

Welcome to I Post Up When You Come Around. A collections of ramblings from the jumbled disorganised goody bag that is my brain.

I here to say to your face the things I’ve been saying about you. That little kid truly is my spirit angel (I don’t favour the use of animal to describe black bodies, especially the babies).

I initially created this as a way of transferring what were my Facebook rants from my friends TL’s and onto a platform where people could find it if they wanted it. I then proceed to do nothing with it as a consequence of finding myself in a serious bout of depression that rendered me kinda useless. I’m now in a better place and choosing to use this platform as a way of trying to stay there.

I’ll put this out there, I am by not means a brilliant writer or a journalist in the making. Neither am I particularly trying to add to the narrative of think-pieces but posting my thoughts and ideas is a way of relieving my brain of some of the things that makes it a fuzzy, chaotic mess.

So, I’ll be talking about shit that pertains to me, whether it Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the odd trending story will perhaps make an appearance upon these cyber pages.