Cause White, Cause Male

CW: Sexual Assault

So when I scrolled thru my bbc news app as I do daily (a brief reprieve from my infantile ignoring of current affairs/politics, the equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and screaming ‘la la la’) I stumbled upon this headline. “How did Brad Pitt fix his image problem with one interview”. Without even clicking on the link I already had my answer, because white and because male.

Privilege is set up in such a way that white men can be out here hitting their teenage children, abusing alcohol and their partners and somehow managed to acquire a victim label after an interview (Pitt). Can rape a 13 yr old girl and still have A-list actors work with them and their films debut at Cannes, repeatedly (Roman Polanski). Can sexually abuse their 7 yr old daughter and have an affair with their wife’s other daughter and still get asked to perform at the Royal Albert Hall and have Amazon TV series commissioned (Woody Allen). Can go on anti-semitic & racist tirades plus threaten to strangle their baby mama and still get nominated for an Oscar (Mel Gibson).

White men be out here WHILIN with little to no repercussions, if anything their career will flourish.

Privilege says that it is just an anomaly and it’s a slight break in their character, but be black and do those kind of things you’re just succumbing to your natural instincts apparently, and have finally stopped fooling everybody into thinking that you’re a good negro. No one’s out here giving Bill Cosby a new TV show (not that they should). I fail to see Chris Brown nominated at the Grammys (that shouldn’t happen either). What should happen is that these shit-stains of human beings should all be cast a side to the same degree.

Again, just for clarification fuck Bill Cosby. I hope all the evil the world has in store for that man finds him and makes him suffer for the rest of this life as well as the next and the next, because fuck Bill Cosby. And Chris Brown? Can someone tell me why he still exists.

But basically I’m tired of seeing white men being given this extraordinary amount of humanity in the face of this great evil that they’re doing, they don’t deserve it, no one does. Tell me why I’m reading articles about white men attempting to blow up the London underground where the media do all within their power not to call him a terrorist. Where they make reference to him being a former alter-boy (Damon Smith), what the fuck has that got to do with anything? Is that where he learnt how to build the bomb?

Fuck the sympathy given to the obroni Abro ni. And fuck the privilege they so gleefully flaunt.

Also, (off topic but…) fuck Miley Cyrus who is quite literally the walking talking embodiment of cultural appropriation, profiting off the bastardisation of black cultural and then throwing it under the bus when it is no longer of use to her. Oh and she just so happens to be working with Woody Allen in that aforementioned tv series 😒.

And (further off topic but…) fuck depression cause it’s really been kicking my arse or late.



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